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Introducing Canine Command Gold Coast

Canine Command Gold Coast was founded by Paula Edrich in 2012. An animal lover and dog lover, Paula understood the importance of the dog to the family cell. “Our pets quite often become the centre of attention within the household and we are often powerless to resist their unconditional love”.

With more than 20 years experience Training Dogs, Paula was very quickly accepted within the local community as the “go to” when it came to working with Gold Coasters and their dogs.

Over the years Paula was simply inundated with calls for help. As time went on, Paula has recruited a number of Highly Talented Dog Trainers to support the work she does. The Canine Command Gold Coast Team is a powerful ally when it comes to Training your Puppy to Senior Dog!

Our Team maintain Professional Development by keeping up to date with Dog Obedience Skills Training through training modules, Industry Memberships & Volunteer Work.

Our Team has gained a wealth of Knowledge & Experience by undertaking volunteer work on behalf of a number of organisations such as Pets for Therapy, Canine Helpers, Assistance Dogs Australia & Story Dogs.

Introducing Baron a Great White Swiss Shepherd with a heart of gold. This giant boy was a great servant to Canine Command from its inception. Working as a therapy dog and supporting many dogs, small and large, with a broad range of issues from anxiety to aggression, he was always able to provide valuable support.

Baron was a great ambassador to our brand from the outset and is now the brand himself. Unfortunately Baron passed away a little while ago and his presence is greatly missed. Our new logo was created to honour this beautiful boy…

Canine Command Gold Coast Mission

To create an environment in which people/families can learn to handle their dog with confidence and provide the best support your loyal friend deserves. We at Canine Command strive to provide an affordable platform to train, offer ongoing support, Pet Sit and so much more, to dog owners throughout the Gold Coast. We have worked and volunteered in the industry for so long and really love what we do and enjoy imparting our knowledge.

Private / Mini Group Sessions

Unique Private Sessions structured to meet your personal training requirements and goals, within your home environment, without the distraction of other clients/animals!

Puppy Training

A Puppy has so much potential just waiting to be developed. A well socialised dog makes a wonderful companion and will be welcomed anywhere you take them!

Doggie Lodge & Pet Sitting

All of Our Team (and their family) are avid Dog Lovers! We love to take care of your dogs and can cater in home pet sitting, daily visits, Doggie Day Care and so much more!

“Over the years I have worked with a wide variety of dog of all ages. I especially enjoy working with those who have recently rescued their new best friend and need a little help to settle in and adjust. Rescue dogs make the very best friends. They know when they’ve been given a second chance. That said they can often be very nervous, anxious or even depressed. We work closely with the owner/handler and show you how to work with your dog to settle into your home with little fuss.”
Paula Edrich


Why Choose Canine Command?

  • Experienced Trainers
  • Passionate & Dedicated
  • Qualified & Registered
  • Affordable Tailored Training
  • Private Training Solutions

Canine Command has built an excellent reputation on the Gold Coast for delivering quality, fun-filled, insightful and educational sessions for both dog and handler…. We offer one to one support and group training classes, to help you bond with your new best friend!  Maybe you’ve just rescued a senior dog or you are taking on your first puppy… we’re here to help.