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Breed Selection Service at Canine Command

Congratulations … So you have decided to add a dog to your family! It’s an exciting time, but you probably have a lot of questions. Should I buy a dog from a breeder or adopt a dog from a shelter?

With all the choices out there, selecting the right dog can sometimes seem overwhelming (or at least feel like a full time job!) Let Canine Command Gold Coast help you find your Perfect Canine Companion.

Our Highly NDTF Certified Dog Trainer will consult with you to match the right dog breed to your personal lifestyle, while helping you to navigate through the common pitfalls of impulsive purchases. Once your decision is made, assistance will be given to screen and locate highly reputable breeders and/or guide you during the shelter adoption process. 

A Dog is a Lifetime Commitment – Avoid Impulse Buying!

Breed selection is very important. By some research, you will spare yourself (and your dog) some heartache. There is a dog for every lifestyle or family, but it can be very easy to make a mistake and purchase a breed that does not fit in at all. Unfortunately when this occurs, the dog, more often than not, winds up in the local pound and if it’s lucky it will find a good home. However, odds are that it will become one of the millions of animals that are put to sleep every year through no fault of its own. CCGC will work with you through a selection criteria checklist which will provide information on areas of consideration such as size, temperament, grooming and exercise requirements, instinctive drive and common health problems associated with different breeds.

Private / Mini Group Sessions

Unique Private Sessions structured to meet your personal training requirements and goals, within your home environment, without the distraction of other clients/animals!

Puppy Training

A Puppy has so much potential just waiting to be developed. A well socialised dog makes a wonderful companion and will be welcomed anywhere you take them!

Doggie Lodge & Pet Sitting

All of Our Team (and their family) are avid Dog Lovers! We love to take care of your dogs and can cater in home pet sitting, daily visits, Doggie Day Care and so much more!


Why Choose Canine Command?

  • Experienced Trainers
  • Passionate & Dedicated
  • Qualified & Registered
  • Affordable Tailored Training
  • Private Training Solutions

Canine Command has built an excellent reputation on the Gold Coast for delivering quality, fun-filled, insightful and educational sessions for both dog and handler…. We offer one to one support and group training classes, to help you bond with your new best friend!  Maybe you’ve just rescued a senior dog or you are taking on your first puppy… we’re here to help.