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Are you looking for Dog Training for Your Dachshund? If so, Canine Command Gold Coast have you covered! Call Paula Today 0421 314 598

Dog Training for Your Dachshund

Are you looking for Dog Training for Your Dachshund? If so, Canine Command Gold Coast have you covered! Often referred to as the sausage dog, the Dachshund (translated from German Badger Dog), was originally developed to scent, chase and flush out badgers and other burrow-dwelling animals. They are quite a recognisable breed, with a long body and short legs.

While the breed can be quite playful, it should be noted that they can also be quite stubborn. We have worked with many Dachshunds over the years and enjoyed a lot of success. As with all successful Dog Training, the new owners must be willing to learn and adapt to their new companion.

Remember a bored and untrained Dog can become destructive around your home! Make time for your dog and give them the training they need to succeed. Canine Command Gold Coast can help you with your new companion or even your senior companion. We work with owners and dogs of all ages and sizes to help you get the very best out of your pet.

Hunting Dog Breeds can be a Training Challenge

As they were initially bred for hunting, they can be quite determined and have a massive energy reserve. They are known for chasing birds and small animals and can be aggressive to other dogs and new people. While they can be challenging to train, we find that families prepared to take the time and work with their dog always result in a well developed, well mannered dog that can socialise appropriately.

Sometimes Dachshunds can be more sedate than others, which can make for a much easier transition into the family home.

It is important to ensure that when selecting a puppy/dog, that you consider your lifestyle, environment and availability to dedicate to train them. If raised improperly and not socialised at a young age, dachshunds can become aggressive or fearful. Like all dogs they require caring, loving owners who understand their need for entertainment and exercise.

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